November 13, 2022 Joe Luft

Scenic Artist – Prop Artisan

The Scenic Artist – Props Artisan creates designs, executes and completes production of weekly projects. This position acts as a support to the art department and company as a whole and produces designs, scenery, props, painting and signage for custom art projects within company productions, in addition to assisting with general maintenance and inventory of the art department supplies, tools and equipment.

Traits for Success| #scenerypropgenius

  • Skilled in scenic prop design and construction
  • Keen eye for design aesthetics and upcoming trends
  • Able to work efficiently
  • Creative and innovative
  • Able to create, problem solve, and adjust quickly

Essential Duties | What You’ll Do – The Fun Stuff

  • Creates designs for scenery and props.
  • Completes production of art department projects- works alongside other art department and Kehoe Designs employees in all shop activities including scenery and props design, construction and installation, scenic painting and faux finishing, and other custom art projects.
  • Helps maintain an orderly shop through daily housekeeping, tool and equipment upkeep, and engages in safe working practices with tools, supplies, and equipment to promote shop safety.
  • Assures quality control by reviewing and critiquing own work as well as those within the art department
  • Informs the Art Manager of tool, supply and material needs.
  • When needed, assists onsite for events requiring an art department presence.
  • Tracks and enters time and assigns hours and tasks to appropriate events and jobs in time and attendance system as required and needed.
  • Completes all Human Resources and Payroll tasks and notifications through the Employee Self Service Online Portal on a weekly basis, as directed and within established timelines.
  • Complies with all department and company safety guidelines, procedures and rules.
  • Completes all safety training as directed and within established timelines.
  • May perform other duties as required.

Qualifications | What You Need to Bring

  • A college degree in theatre (specifically BA or BFA) (or comparable work experience) is preferred. Prior theatre technology/production experience is required.
  • Must often be able to work without direct supervision, be able to handle multiple tasks, demonstrate a continual desire to improve and gain knowledge of the field,
  • Must also be able to work with employees from all departments of differing experience levels in a positive, encouraging manner.

Experience in one or several of these areas are preferred:

  • Carpentry skills and experience with woodworking.
  • Experience with finishing and rigging of theatre scenery.
  • Experience with basic metalworking and welding equipment.
  • Experience with sculpting and painting techniques.

Physical and Work Environment Requirements | What it is Like in the Office or Shop

  • The ability to lift and carry 50-75 lbs. occasionally during work day.
  • Ability to walk, kneel, crouch, bend and reach during the entire work day.
  • Able to stand 80% of the work day.
  • Ability to work with hands and arms during the entire shift.
  • Must be able to move and climb ladders without accommodation.
  • Ability to handle fragile items safely.
  • Must have 20/20 vision with correction.
  • Must be able to tolerate cold, heat and humid conditions.
  • May be exposed to fumes, airborne particles, and chemicals during the work shift.
  • Ability to tolerate moderate noise.