Floral Design

Floral Design is part of our core DNA. Our seasoned designers have the artistry to deliver the most unique and inventive floral creations.

Art Creation

In-house talent excel at telling a client’s story. In a world limited only by imagination, everyday mundane objects are transformed into singular works of art.

Custom Furniture

Addressing the needs of our industry, we produce custom furniture, furnishings & drapery that allows for an elevated interior design experience.


As the largest plantscapes provider to the tradeshow and convention industry, we serve our customers in all major convention centers nationwide, from thousands of plants to our floral division.

Technical Production

From 3D mapping, camera systems, media servers, PA systems, AV & lighting, we provide complete solutions in a vast technical world.


From initial ideation of what adds to the overall immersive experience, we design costumes, entertainment apparatuses, and interactive experiences to create an unforgettable moment.

Weekly Floral

Team of gifted creatives produce arrangements that tell a cohesive story for our on-going clients. From a brand’s corporate messaging to sentiment in a home.

Graphic Design

Producing engaging graphics for architectural, exhibits or environments, our team creates designs that trigger emotion and interaction.

CNC Routing

This advanced technology allows us to transform common, one-dimensional, raw materials into one-of-a-kind, multidimensional design elements.