Personalized Holiday Decor

November 19, 2013 Joe Luft

Personalized Holiday Decor

Holiday Blog 1-5268Bringing personalized touches into your holiday décor is a great way to impress guests. Creative Director, Bridget Frizzie’s approach is to cleverly repurpose familiar items in the home. “You already have it all there,” she assures, “you just have to re-imagine and refashion things, presenting them in fun and unexpected ways.”

Her first tip is to consider your gifts as room accessories. “By styling them ahead of time, not only are you getting a jump on holiday shopping, but you can add a warm, cozy feel to your room,” she says. Instead of using traditional holiday gift wrap, Bridget used everyday white wrapping paper as her base. For its texture and inviting feel, she then suggests carefully cutting colorful old sweaters into strips as a replacement to ribbon. To complement the fabric, she has also incorporated leather from a retired belt to embellish her boxes. She’ll finish off her look with that must-have touch of sparkle, fastening inexpensive holiday brooches and earrings (look for these in a nearby resale shop) in place of a bow.

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“The important thing to remember is that nothing should be off limits,” says Bridget. “Anything in the room can turn into a décor element.” A water pitcher collared with velvety red ribbon and sachet of evergreens adds festivity to the room when entertaining guests. Dining table decor can be elevated simply by slipping a rhinestone bracelet onto the wine decanter as a cuff, which then also serves to reflect your table candlelights’ warm glow. For Bridget’s cheese and wine display, she’s wrapped the neck of her decanters with the remaining strips of raw leather and playfully contrasted it with a glam holiday brooch.

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Finally, Bridget loves to get playful with her holiday sweets! Rather than dusting off the old candy bowls, she’s used a cake plate with stacks of small jewelry boxes, some creatively wrapped and others left open to reveal adorable treats. “Even the candies themselves can be styled as colorful accessories” she says, filling her tiny boxes with coordinating Holiday M&M’s and Hershey’s Kisses.

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Bridget Frizzie
Creative Director
Kehoe Designs