December 30, 2022 Lauren Carey


This year was particularly fun at Kehoe Designs.  Events were on their comeback tour with clients ready to push the boundaries, and we were ready to take the call. Ceilings were dressed to the nines, tablescapes oozed creativity, detail, and pops of color, earth elements were at the core of our creations, and we were not shy with monochromatic and monobotanical designs. We asked our team of Event Producers to pick a few of their favorite trends…it was certainly hard to choose!  


Black, silky velvet and Baby’s Breath piqued Austin Repasy’s interest, Event Designer + Producer, to stick with a classic black and white theme for Allison & Aaron’s wedding. “Baby’s Breath is the perfect foundation to a black & white wedding. It really makes the green in the stems pop in such a delicate, chic fashion,” says Austin.   

Joey Berman, Sr. Event Producer created a surprising wow factor for Alex & Greg’s ceremony with a bold, striped aisle. The marble detailing within the stripes complemented the bride’s gown in such a subtle, yet beautifully stunning manner.  

All this classic talk makes us want to watch old movies in black & white on New Year’s Eve. Who’s bringing the bubbly and popcorn?  

Design: Austin Repasy     Photography: Colin Lyons Photo

Design: Joey Alissa Berman      Photography: Carasco Photo


Love, care, and style were in abundance and always at the core of Mal Marencik’s weddings this year. Mal, Senior Event Producer, shared how monobotanical florals were a leading trend in design. With this palette any pop of color or texture can have a shining moment. This style has been the most prevalent bi-coastally, so we love seeing guests’ reactions to this sophisticated fresh look.  


Design: Mal Marencik     Photography: Amanda Meg Miller 

Design: Mal Marencik     Photography: Bob & Dawn Davis 


Instead of playing with mother nature for an outdoor wedding, Nicolette Tindall, Event Producer, brought the outside in for her weddings this year. Our team brought to life the sophistication and tranquility of an English Garden in one of our favorite ballrooms, just steps from the hustle and buzz of the city.

Design: Nicolette Tindall     Photography: Cristina G Photo 


Design: Mal Marencik     Photography: Kristin La Voie Photography 


Joey Alissa Berman, Senior Event Producer, flexed some sustainability muscles for her corporate events and hospitality clients this year. Joey shared, “A common thread with corporate has been sustainability; they love to reuse/repurpose and utilize items that are environmentally friendly.” Sustainability trickled into the hospitality side of Kehoe Designs with Viaggio, the beloved Chicago restaurant. We reinvented the usage of a chandelier with an avant-garde display of wine bottles at the bar. *No wine went to waste in the making of this display  

Design: Joey Alissa Berman     Photography: Rothstein Photo 



Mal Marencik brought the pizzazz while designing a pop-art themed Mitzvah at Rockwell on the River. The lofted, wooden venue gave texture to this bold color palette. And what’s a dance party without suspended disco balls to light up the dance floor?! 

We cannot help but highlight Mathew Lahey’s work, Sr. Event Producer, in The Geraghty. Our sophisticated, blank canvas venue lends itself perfectly to a modern design. The precise placement of chains, silver globes and custom suspended discs created a jaw-dropping room reveal for Morgan & Jake’s wedding. “Working with contemporary structures screams a desire for bold colorways, creating a well-balanced combination,” Mathew shared. Did we mention how iconic the gold chains were?! 

Design: Mal Marencik     Photography: Jake Cohen Photo

Design: Mathew Lahey     Photography: Studio This Is


We are ending this year’s tour with a big “Thank you and good night!” To all our clients and partners for a bold 2022. Let’s make some more magic happen in 2023.  

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