Spring Tease | 2014

April 15, 2014 Joe Luft

Spring Tease | 2014

The recent glimpse of warm weather has many of us already planning our first Spring get togethers. With the season’s Easter brunch, family Seders, and rooftop dinner parties, the Kehoe Designs’ creative services team primes you with inspiration for your Spring events with a teaser of hot Spring/Summer 2014 looks.


“Our first design mood speaks to the spiritual balance of simplicity, veiled in softness with the bright, promising colors of coral or persimmon touched with just a hint of black,” describes Creative Director, Bridget Frizzie. The color palette draws on the dramatic color combination of the flamingo; fleshy toned pink plumage accented with orangy shrimp shades, bright watermelon beaks with black markings. “The mood is old world traditional giving way to bursts of modern influences,” she explains. It expresses itself with the carefree grace of delicate, voluminous blossoms and sheer breezy fabrics.




diapanous 3


Create the Look: For your Easter design, select a gorgeous color palette of blush to coral roses, place in a vintage bone china compote, and accessorize with a collection of painted golden eggs in elegant black egg cups,” suggests Bridget. For a more simple Spring inspired look, combine pink feathery peonies with the delicateness of a white wild flower hosted in a gorgeous gold bowl.

*Photo Credits
Image 1: Lawrence Alma-Tadema The Roses of Heliogabalus, 1888 – @ Studio Sébert Photographe as featured in Elie Saab “The Light of Now”, Image 2: Peony Arrangement by Kehoe Designs, Image 3: Inspiration board by Kehoe Designs, Image 4: Decor by Kehoe Designs, Planning by Paulette Wolf Events & Entertainment, Image 5: Decor by Kehoe Designs, Photo by Jai Girard, Planning by Birch Design Studio



Vivid primary colors come hot on the scene infusing their excitement and high energy fun. “All Roads Lead to Rio,” is the build up to the 2016 Summer Olympics with influences seen throughout the design world driving this loud, vibrant trend forward. Bright acid green, red, yellow and turquoise mixed with jungle prints make this tropical paradise a sure hit. Think tropical foliages, palm fronds, orchids and yes, even fruits, either sliced or whole.



Slide 1

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 12.31.26 AM


Create the Look: This simple design is created with a clear juice cup placed inside a 4 inch glass cube surrounded by fun citrus slices such as lemons, limes and oranges. Use just one kind of citrus or mix them up and carefully fill with clean water. In the juice cup, place three extra large fully open orange roses with a small stem of green foliage such as lemon leaf. And there you have a stunning cocktail size arrangement! For a dining table, repeat 3 to 6 times and place atop a tropical palm leaf nest for a lush and colorful summer centerpiece.

*Photo Credits
Image 1:Kehoe Designs composite featuring Favela painting sourced at MagicalUrbanism.com, Image 2 & 3: Floral by Kehoe Designs, Image 4: Rio Olympic Village rendering by Aecom, Image 5: Kehoe Designs composite featuring parrot photo by Andrew Zuckerman, Image 6: Floral by Kehoe Designs


Tweets & Lions

“This trend is my favorite as it all about fantasy, greek mythology, canaries and lions,” says Bridget. “Our fascination begins with living fabrics. Large scale images of botanicals and birds are everywhere; naturally leading to floral designs distinctively styled in yellow,” she continues. It’s intended to be as refreshing as soaking up sun on the mediterranean sea and as bright and disarming as the canary’s call.


Dolce _ Gabbana Spring2013





Create the Look: Get inspired by golds reminiscent of the Greeks gods with a collection of gilded vessels filled with the modern day sophistication of sunny vibrant yellow floral.

*Photo Credits
Image 1:Kehoe Designs composite featuring Karel Lagerfeld mythology calendar model (left) and Hermes model (right), Image 2: Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013, Image 3: Floral by Kehoe Designs, Image 4: unknown source, Image 5: Floral by Kehoe Designs


This feature of Spring/Summer 2014 trends is in thanks to Kehoe Designs’ Creative Services, a remarkable team of innovative problem solvers working hard to produce the unexpected for each event. This collective group of designers, artisans and craftsmen has a deep knowledge of the special events industry, as well as the mega trends in fashion, home, social, graphics and print. Whether it’s designing décor for events at a moment’s notice or brainstorming and mapping complete concepts that accomplish the goal of a client, Creative Services is at the core of solution-based event design for Kehoe Designs.