2015 Bridal Runway | Forecasting Wedding Trends

December 13, 2014 Joe Luft

2015 Bridal Runway | Forecasting Wedding Trends

2015_Bridal_Wedding_Trends_Imbal_DrorWedding Gown: Inbal Dror, Wedding Design: Decor by Kehoe Designs, Photo by Amanda Sudimack

With the excitement that comes with a surge in engagements over the holiday season, we begin our six part series dedicated to all things weddings, where we’ll share stunning inspiration and expert advice from our top Kehoe Designs wedding professionals. Today, we look to 2015 bridal runways and explore how the latest fashions forecast overarching wedding design trends in the coming year.

To help us, we’ve enlisted our in-house fashion guru and event producer, Kacy Irwin. “One of the first questions I ask when I meet a bride is what her wedding dress looks like. It helps guide the entire design process since its such a direct expression of her personal taste and style,” says Kacy.  For the 2015 bridal gown season, she sees designers catering to a more confident and fashion conscious bride. “In this digital age, where women are exposed to a much greater range of design styles, brides have become more fashion savvy and aren’t afraid to push limits with pattern, color, form fitting silhouettes and even unconventional fabrics,” Kacy explains.

We invite you to join Kacy, along with Creative Director, Bridget Frizzie and renowned Chicago Wedding Dresser, Caroline Shaw as they discuss their favorite designers from 2015 bridal runways and fashion’s influence on upcoming wedding design moods.

Gilded Dreams | Inbal Dror

If you haven’t already seen Inbal Dror’s absolutely dreamy 2015 bridal collection, trust us, it’s a must see. Here a sense of luxury, royalty, and sensuality create a potent combination of intoxicating charm. “In 2015, we are seeing haute couture integrate rich silver and gold-tone laces, giving way to a more demure, lady-like look,” describes Caroline.

In wedding design, “gold is here to stay and with it, we get all of its riches!” exclaims Kacy. At Kehoe Designs, it is making its way in every category of style and design – from furniture, aisle treatments, table accessories to chandeliers. In our 2015 collections, expect to see an abundance of gilded tones, intricate details, and fine finishes calling on nothing but regal dreams.

2015_Bridal_Trends_Runway-118  2015-Bridal_Runway_Imbal_DrorWedding Gowns: Inbal Dror, Wedding Design: Photo by: Bob & Dawn Davis, Decor by Kehoe Designs

 The Drama of the Reveal | Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav’s 2015 collection is all about romance, sensuality, and intrigue. “One of the distinct avenues we are seeing on the 2015 bridal runways are slinky, close-to-the-body looks with incredible dimensional beading, illusion, and sexy cut outs–particularly the back,” says Shaw. This modern day bride unabashedly embraces the beauty of the female figure with bridal gowns that balance elegance with big drama.

This bride seeks a wedding design that is as bold as it is sophisticated. She’s drawn to grand open spaces, sleek modern lines, chic mirrored surfaces, without compromising the femininity and romance achieved through big, lush floral and an over abundance of glittering candlelight.

2015_Bridal_Trends_Runway-1032015_Bridal_Trends_Runway-1042015-Bridal_Runway-6 2015_Bridal_Trends_Runway-105Wedding Gowns: Galia Lahav, Wedding Design: Decor by Kehoe Designs

Fashion First | Galia Lahav Cont.

Galia Lahav’s collection is equally perfect for the fearless trendsetter. These high style looks ooze confidence and a sense of strength and independence. This bride gladly pushes the boundaries of the traditional wedding gown to express her personal style and pulls it off with absolute elegance and grace.

For this fashion forward bride, we select a wedding design with rich, vibrant floral reflecting her bold personality and a finely crafted, custom canopy befitting her ‘editorial’ fashion style. “Technology has changed the game in terms of introducing tailored style,” says Bridget Frizzie. “With designers incorporating laser cutting tools in both fashion and decor, the options of a truly one-of-a-kind wedding look is absolutely attainable.”

2015-Bridal_Runway-couture2015_Bridal_Trends_Runway-110Wedding Gowns: Galia Lahav, Wedding Design: Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis, Decor by Kehoe Designs, Planning by Reva Nathan & Associates

 Total Alchemy  | Naeem Khan

There’s a reason why Naeem Khan is one of the most anticipated designers at New York fashion week. His aesthetic is both striking and original, and Khan’s bridal collection for 2015 is no different. This  year’s collection features dresses like you’ve never seen. Kahn plays with cool metallics, rich textures and intricate patterns for designs that are current, yet timelessly chic.

This look speaks to the bride with a love of high style and a vivid imagination. “In the wedding design world, it’s one of the more important looks to watch out for. Expect to see patterns and graphics juxtaposed and layered, shimmering metallics, color play on reflective surfaces, and a variety of geometric shapes,” adds Bridget.

2015-Bridal_Runway-Naeem-Kahn2015_Bridal_Trends_Runway-114Wedding Gowns: Naeem Khan, Wedding Design: Photo by: Wittig & Beale, Decor by Kehoe Designs

Kissed with Color | Ersa Atelier

Coming off the 2015 runways, neutral palettes continue to flourish with flesh tones, light gold hues and inviting taupes adding a romantic touch of color. Such is the case for Ersa Atelier’s 2015 collection where color kissed gowns weave a lyrical story that reflect refinement and unique personality. In Ersa’s collection, we also see the return of the fitted bodice with full skirts along with the detachable sheer silk and lace overskirts.

“This design direction embraces cleaner lines but remains grand in proportion,” says Chicago Wedding Dresser, Caroline Shaw. In wedding decor, we see it signifying a continued love affair with fairytale wedding environments, but with a more polished and “grown-up” look. “You’re more likely to see brides styling their weddings with unique accessories and choice finishes and fabrics to imbue modern sophistication to traditional design,” Kacy describes.

2015_Bridal_Trends_Runway-1012015_Bridal_Trends_Runway-1002015-Bridal_Runway-5Wedding Gowns: Ersa Atelier, Wedding Design: Decor by Kehoe Designs, Planning by Reva Nathan & Associates


Fabric Reimagined | Theia Couture

Theia Couture is for the bride who doesn’t play by the rules. Not only is she comfortable with herself, but likes to wear comfort––without sacrificing style. She’s ultra sophisticated and can rock a pant suit as easily as a cowl neck sweater dress and still completely own the aisle. “I love the pant suit!” says Kacy, “and Theia Couture is a master at catering to a modern bride by taking familiar fabric and unique pattern to design looks as approachable as they are stunningly beautiful.”

For 2015 winter brides, we expect to see the sensible and stylish taste of our urban sophisticates  spillover into all facets of wedding design with textured fabrics, fur accents, and less floral-centric designs coming on to the scene. “This mood continues a design trend we have dubbed ‘Frozen Tundra’ for its feeling of easy opulence and comfort drawing from the emotional landscape of our northernmost hemisphere,” says Bridget.

2015-Bridal_Runway-Theia_Couturelowry_wedding_030312_sjo_00662015-Bridal-Runway-Wedding-Dresses-Theia-CoutureWedding Gowns: Theia Couture, Wedding Design:  Photo & Decor by Kehoe Designs, Planning by Hope Weiss Consulting

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first wedding exposé capturing what we feel are some of THE hottest gowns to have rocked the 2015 bridal runways. Fashion being a fluid indication of overarching design trends, we eagerly welcome this forecast of a confident, fashion-forward bride looking to push creative limits. “With brides getting married later, they are more likely to have gotten further in their career. These are independent women who will have also reached a comfortable stride in their personal style,” Kacy assesses. As a house of creatives, Kehoe Designs welcomes this new trend in brides with sophisticated taste, clear direction, and a desire to express their originality.

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