5 Bespoke Wedding Canopies for the Luxury Bride

February 17, 2015 Joe Luft

5 Bespoke Wedding Canopies for the Luxury Bride

Luxuey_Wedding_Canopies_00_Cover-1Wedding Canopy by: Kehoe Designs, Planning by: Marina Birch

Following the sweet romance of Valentine’s weekend, we are propelled into our second happy surge of the wedding engagement season! For our recently engaged, we continue on our six part wedding series with a focus on wedding canopy inspiration in a variety of bespoke styles. To provide today’s expert insight is Kehoe Designs’ Event Designer, Phil Cooper, who is known for high style weddings with impeccable design and a “tailor-made” approach to every aspect of wedding decor.

What are the first questions Phil asks when deciding upon a wedding canopy’s design direction? “I always start by asking the couple why they want a wedding canopy. Is it for religious purposes? To create an epic scene for photographs? Where will the ceremony be held?”  Once the logistics are covered, it’s on to the design side. “The wedding canopy, as much as any other detail of their big day, should reflect the couple’s personality and style. Are they drawn to the sleek, clean lines of mid century mod or is this a couple who loves hiking and the textures of natural green landscapes?” continues Phil. From modern expressions, floral explosions to finely tailored fabrics, we invite you to explore your own signature style with these five bespoke directions in wedding canopy design.

1. Tailored Romance

Achieve a beautifully bespoke look by taking a tailored approach to your wedding canopy design. “With more brides departing from the classic all white weddings, we are able to bring design forward in a number ways. Recently, it has seen itself manifest in canopy fabrics that embrace a dash of color such as a dramatic black accent or a layered fabric chuppah in an ombre of sunset hues,” says Phil.

Luxury_Wedding_Canopies_Peninsula-100-10Luxury_Wedding_Canopy_03_upsizedTop Image: Wedding design and photo by Kehoe Designs, Planning by Big City Bride; Bottom Image: Photo by Paul Morse, Planning by Lola Event Productions

2. Intrigue from Above

Bring bespoke style by adding beautifully suspended elements such as crystal studded ribbons or romantic floral strands to your wedding canopy. “Suspended elements, such as the vibrant purple and magenta orchid blossoms (seen below), add a touch of whimsical in the context of a tailored look of elegant, clean lines,” describes Phil. Or for an effortlessly chic design, consider a delicate fabric overhang designed to gently blow in the breeze. A third option is to suspend the entire wedding canopy with fabric panels or long garlands as “legs” which for the reception, can come up and hover beautifully over the dancefloor.

Luxury_Wedding_Canopies_Kehoe_HartungLuxury_Wedding_CanopiesLuxury_Wedding_Canopies_Peninsula-100-4Top Image: Wedding design by Kehoe Designs, Photo by Cusic Photos; Middle Image: Photo by Kehoe Designs, Planning by Estera Events; Bottom Image: Wedding Design and Photo by Kehoe Designs

3. Lush Gardens

As noted in our feature covering aisle treatments, wedding design has moved away from the rustic, tousled wildflowers towards more refined, manicured wedding floral. “It’s still loose and romantic but much fuller and lush with larger varieties of upscale garden floral,” describes Phil. For popular reference, he likens it to the romanticism of  Downton Abbey, where nuptials at the family estate merit big, loose arrangements of the grounds’ most exquisite floral. A second garden canopy option for those who prefer a less embellished look is the natural beauty of an all green arbor or pergola design covered in a mix of vibrant leafy garlands,” Phil adds.

View More: http://cassandraeldridge.pass.us/vanessa-and-billView More: http://cassandraeldridge.pass.us/vanessa-and-billTop Image & Bottom Photo: Wedding Design by Kehoe Designs, Photo by Cassandra Eldridge

4. Diaphanous Dreams

The soft romance of sheer, airy wedding canopies remain as classic as the fairy tale, silk tulle wedding gown. “Just like couture wedding gown designers, our event designers love to reinvent traditional fabrics and textures by adding something unexpected such as an unconventional shape, unique draping or a touch of color,” says Phil. He also notes that these sheer fabrics are increasingly taking on pattern giving canopy draping an almost lace-like quality.

Luxury_Wedding_Canopies_Peninsula-100-3Luxury_Wedding_Canopies_Peninsula-100-8Luxury_Wedding_Canopies_Peninsula-100-6Top Image: Wedding Design by Kehoe Designs, Planning by Reva Nathan & Associates; Middle Image: Wedding Canopy by Kehoe Designs,  Planning by Big City Bride; Bottom Image: Wedding Design & Photo by Kehoe Designs, Planning by Robbin & Susan, The Party People

5. Modern Expressions

While we love classic wedding design, it’s always a pleasure when we have the opportunity to push the envelope of our imagination! For brides with a penchant for modern design, we encourage you to think outside the “box”, which in this case means the typical 10’ x 10’ canopy structure. “We’ve seen brides really loving wedding canopies with a round shape,” says Phil, “which achieves the romance of  pretty draping while also pulling them towards a more modern look.” Or perhaps, forgo the fabric all together and consider a more sculptural design such as the twelve-foot fantastical bronze tree structures seen below.

Luxury Wedding Canopies 14image13Top Image: Wedding design by Kehoe Designs, Photo by KingenSmith, Planning by Robbin & Susan, The Party People; Bottom Image: Wedding Design by Kehoe Designs, Photo by Allori Photography, Planning by Great Events Inc.

We hope our discussion on bespoke canopy designs has helped ignite inspiration amongst our soon-to-be brides! At Kehoe Designs, our seasoned wedding designers assist in every aspect of developing your signature wedding style. With our limitless ideas and immense inventory, we’ll make sure your mandap-chuppah-canopy design is as one-of-a-kind as the love you share for life and each other!

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