2015 High Style Weddings | “Runway” Aisle Treatments

December 30, 2014 Joe Luft

2015 High Style Weddings | “Runway” Aisle Treatments

Kehoe_Designs_Aisle_Treatments_CoverWedding Design by Kehoe Designs, Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis, Planning by So Stacy

To continue our exclusive wedding mini-series, today we explore luxe aisle treatments with expert insight from the inimitable, Vince Hart. A brilliant designer, prolific wedding producer and Kehoe Designs’ Vice President of Sales, Vince has long had his finger on the pulse of high style bridal. For our soon-to-be brides, he describes five aisle treatment designs that are both relevant and oh-so-chic for today’s modern bride.

Rule the Runway | Low Aisle Treatments

“Over the course of the last couple years, we’ve seen a much greater emphasis on luxury, designer wedding gowns. With this evolution, the aisle has turned into a veritable runway,” says Vince. In the past, the length of the aisle was adorned with a series of pedestals hosting lush, lifted floral making for striking scenes and majestic photographs. Now, it’s all about the bride and her fabulous dress. “I recommend aisle decor no taller than 24 inches high so her red carpet worthy wedding gown can be seen from top to bottom by each and every guest,” continues Vince. However, no need to sacrifice drama or grandeur, he assures. “The key is to start the aisle with a striking statement of grand focals framed by an ultra stunning wedding canopy.”

Kehoe_Designs_Wedding_Aisle_Treatments_Kehoe_Designs_Wedding_Aisle_Treatments_02(Top) Wedding Design by Kehoe Designs, Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis, Planning by So Stacy (Bottom) Wedding Design by Kehoe Designs, Photo by KingenSmith Planning by Bambi Rogers

Queen of the Aisle | Regal Wedding Design

“Just like fashion, wedding trends move in cycles,” says Vince. “The last few years it was all about vintage chic…weathered wood, eclectic glass, found objects…but now we’ve returned to a much more regal era of design!” Expect to see brides embracing gold, gold, gold, including ornate candelabras, gilded vessels and dramatic chandeliers! “It’s all moving towards a rich, sophisticated European look — staircase balustrades, heavy fabrics, drippy designs and big juicy bows.”

Kehoe_Designs_Wedding_Aisle_Treatments_03Kehoe_Designs_Wedding_Aisle_Treatments_04(Top) Wedding Design & Photo by Kehoe Designs  (Bottom)  Wedding Design & Photo by Kehoe Designs,, Planning by Big City Bride

Reflected Light | Mirrors & Mixed Metals

“The timeless beauty of mirrored surfaces remains prominent in aisle design,” says Vince. Imparting the magic of glittering reflections, candlelight takes on a completely new life with its warm, romantic glow bouncing in every direction. “New on the scene, however, is the combination of mirrored surfaces with an abundance of mixed metals… bronze, gold, silver, rose gold, and copper,” says Vince. Giving fresh edge to this opulent design are detailed applications such as the gilded graphic overlays on the mirrored floral vessels below.

Kehoe_Designs_Aisle_Treatments_05Kehoe_Designs_Wedding_Aisle_Treatments_07(Top & Bottom) Wedding Design & Photo by Kehoe Designs

Garden Paradise | Manicured Plantscapes

While the sophisticated bride continues to love garden inspired designs, we are clearly moving away from more rustic moods of tousled wild flowers and weathered farm woods. “Everything is taking on a more manicured feel. Think English garden with its tailored elegance infused with a modern twist,” Vince describes. Lured by the beauty of the great outdoors, high style brides are marrying grand spaces with with a polished expression of nature, including sculpted boxwood, bespoke planter boxes, and even 20 foot tall soaring trees. “Some of our most impressive weddings of the last year incorporated elaborate and dramatic plantscapes which we achieve with the incomparable inventory of our sister company, Floral Exhibits.”

Kehoe_Designs_Wedding_Aisle_Treatments_08Kehoe_Designs_Wedding_Aisle_Treatments_09Kehoe_Designs_Wedding_Treatments_10(Top) Wedding Decor & Photo by Kehoe Designs, Planning & Design by Bliss Weddings (Middle) Wedding Design & Photo by Kehoe Designs (Bottom)  Wedding Design by Kehoe Designs, Photo by Wittig + Beale, Planning by Anne Book Signature Style

Fabric Fascinations | Bespoke Runners

The pure white fabric runner is no longer sufficient for our high style brides. “We see the runner becoming a lot more interesting,” says Vince, “with textured fabrics like silk shantung, heavy linens and lace adding the richness of weighted European textiles.” For our luxury brides, expect to see a growing trend of tailored runners with gorgeous patterns making for quite the royal aisle! “While it’s still rather new on the scene and a true luxury item, it definitely adds a layer of grandeur and glamour!” concludes Vince.

Kehoe_Designs_Wedding_Aisle_Treatments_11Wedding Design by Kehoe Designs, Photo by Rick Aigular

Whether marrying in a ballroom, cathedral or rooftop terrace, there are countless ways to walk the aisle in high style! In today’s feature, we’ve covered five current and upcoming aisle treatment trends, however our true speciality lies in providing uniquely crafted designs for each of our brides! The walk down the aisle is such a significant moment… the most emotional and spectacular of the entire day. Let Kehoe Designs make it the most memorable possible!

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