BEYOND 2017 | Event Design and Fashion Trends

March 13, 2017 Joe Luft

BEYOND 2017 | Event Design and Fashion Trends

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event design, event decor, Kehoe Designs, technical production, stagingOn March 9th – Kehoe Designs presented the first exclusive client event, BEYOND 2017 – Only The Curious Have Something To Find, an immersive educational experience merging event design and fashion. BEYOND 2017 was the kick-off to our new event series that will allow Kehoe Designs to host signature experiences for our top clients, key partners, and beloved friends.

The evening immersed guests into a world that explored trends of the future. Each vignette showcased elements that engaged the senses by highlighting the vast canvas of capabilities, such as set designs, floral notes, lighting effects, and custom soundscapes.

Inspirational event concepts were stylized by Kehoe Designs, fashion collections by Maria Pinto of M2057, tasty bites by Limelight Catering, slick photo op by TagPrints Digital, plantscapes by Floral Exhibits, and The Geraghty provided the bubbly.

BEYOND_2017_08An intimate group of 6o guests had the pleasure of hearing Bridget Frizzie, Creative Director of Kehoe Designs, and Mario Pinto, Creative Director of M2057 by Mario Pinto, share their thought-provoking and awe-inspiring insights of what’s to come.

Event design and fashion view inspiration in the same way – we believe that there are always little stories to tell. We are always searching for moments of curiosity that evoke an expression in which to design women’s fashion or an immersive event.

BEYOND_2017_03[Above Image] Off-White, a retail store in Hong Kong  [Below Image] The Seed Collection by Egle Cekanaviciute

BEYOND_2017_09Greenery takes center stage when it comes to the designs for 2017. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director at Pantone, has selected Greenery as the color of the year because it illustrates vibrancy, vivid freshness, and new beginnings. At Kehoe Designs, we continue to validate this organic color into our designs. Last year, we referenced Greenery by replicating nature and designing tropical jungle settings.

This year, Greenery has emerged as a new trend – “Forest Bathing.” It’s all about evoking environments that allow you to stop and catch your breath. We create these forest sanctuaries by bringing the outdoor world in. Thanks to our friends at Floral Exhibits, we can truly create these urban paradises with an endless variety of fresh plants and trees.

As showcased in our set design, we wanted to inspire guests to feel the power and grandeur of Greenery. Both modernism and old world details balanced, immersing our guests in a world of optimism and possibility.

BEYOND_2017_COMBO1“I love a black-and-white stripe, but I wanted to use it in an unexpected way. In the NUMA dress, my take on the slip dress, panels of stripes cut into each other, creating asymmetrical intersections that echo Zaha’s practice of constructing intersecting buildings to form a whole.” – Maria Pinto
event design, event decor, trends, M2057, fashion, Maria Pinto, Bridget Frizzie, Kehoe Designs“For Spring/Summer 2017, I wanted to pay homage to renowned architect and “Queen of the Curve” Zaha Hadid. Her work inspired me to explore how a garment moves over and around the body. In the AMAL dress, pintucked seams flow diagonally down from the torso to an asymmetric hem—this gives the garment a structured, three-dimensional quality that reflects Zaha’s aesthetic and highlights curve, weight, and movement.” – Maria PintoBEYOND_2017_01[Above Image] Maria Pinto’s 2018 Inspirations. “I am constantly inspired by the colors and structures found in nature—both in terms of plant life and animal skeletons. From the drape of thick vines to the intricacy of a sting ray’s skeleton, you may see elements of these ideas appear in a future M2057 collection!” – Maria Pintoevent design, trends, inspiration, mood board, Kehoe Designs, event decor, nature, color of the year
Mood Board imagery is used for inspirational purposes.

[Above Image] Bridget Frizzie’s 2018 Inspirations.

There are no color combinations that nature hasn’t done. Nothing is ever wrong. It’s becoming all a personal preference. We are moving away from the exhaustion on a shame society into an era of self-acceptance – It’s O.K. to be original. Striking balance between what is familiar and being eccentric is key to 2018!


Mood Board imagery is used for inspirational purposes.

One of the most interesting, yet incredibly natural pairings is black and white with Greenery. B&W speaks to the idea of heritage. By adding green, there is this modern re-emergence of the trend. Pairing this classic style with a shocking green color creates a fresh, new luxurious look.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our special feature on our first client event – BEYOND 2017. When executing an affair of this caliber, we rely on the talent and expertise of an entire crew of talented craftsmen. In addition to thanking our wonderful clients, partners and featured speaker, Creative Director Maria Pinto of M2057 by Maria Pinto, we extend our gratitude to the many Kehoe Designs team who make all the magic possible.

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