Welcome to Crafted by Kehoe Designs

September 20, 2013 Timothy Majewski

Welcome to Crafted by Kehoe Designs

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Thank you for your overwhelming response to our recently refreshed website. The exciting feedback we received inspired us to launch our new blog.

Through our blog, we hope to share the knowledge and wisdom of the amazing group of talented artisans at Kehoe Designs. They are masters of their craft and are the individuals that create the event experiences for which we are known.

We invite you to visit us here on a regular basis for education, information and inspiration about all aspects of event design. It is a forum for us to share details with you about what matters most to us – from tricks of the trade to design and color forecasts.

On our blog, you will have the opportunity to get to know our professionals and hear about their passions.  See how an event comes to life through the eyes of our young, tech savvy lighting designer, Adam, or hear about Cassie whose vision and talents in art and graphics inspire awe at social and corporate events. And learn from well-known designers like Phil, Renee and Vince who will contribute their expertise on the importance of room layout and flow, how to add dimension to an event, push the limits of creativity and much more. Our creative director, Bridget, is also bursting at the seams to share intriguing and fascinating ideas to fill your world with the wonderment of event design.

Not only will you find inspirational ideas and meet interesting, talented people on our blog, you will also get a chance to experience the Kehoe Designs ethos. We are proud contributors to many organizations – from décor and donations to time and talent – and we truly believe in making the world a better place. I look forward to showing you how our team jumps in to make a difference in our community.

Discover new ideas. Meet creative talent. Get inspired. We look forward to sharing our thoughts and passions with you and hope you will share yours with all of us!