Five Inspiring Event Design Trends For Fall

August 11, 2016 Joe Luft

Five Inspiring Event Design Trends For Fall

As event designers, we set out to find forecasted trends that can translate into Kehoe Designs signature styles. From lush greens to the deepest of blues, we have identified the five inspiring event design trends that our team is looking at for FW/16!


STYLE: Modern

MOOD: Deep Water Meets Techno Jazz 70’s


Sleek – Minimalist – Lucite – Glass

These colors are inky in tones that provide a mysterious, but most importantly a bioluminescence feel.

In this palette, we can’t ignore the black and white stripe design concept. The combination of stripes with optic white and steel blue showcase a powerful aesthetic that will be on trend for gala and social events.

The complimentary technical element for this design trend is, adding layering accents of golden yellow and deep sunset amber lighting. [Insight by Meredith Francsis – Technical Producer, Kehoe Designs]

 Trend Influencers: 

Fleesensee-Schlosshotel Germany – we love this inspiration for the juxtaposing of old world architecture with modern styling for event design.

Architect Magazine – Katz LTD designed this corporate office with this laconic reserved design that reads perfect for event design. This piece stands out by adding vivid bioluminescent colors and we get a strong statement that is mysterious, fluid with a vibe that is techno deep.




STYLE: Midcentury & Global

MOOD: Gradient With Mixed Metals & Metallic


These color combinations offer newness ranging from gray, light blue, wine, oxblood, & denim tonalities.

This mood goes from touches of the deepest blues to balance the whites with billowy mesh accents of smoke gray and metallic gold.

Look to hammered metal, studded borders on velvets and CNC patterning that will be on trend for corporate events.

The complimentary technical element for this design trend is, adding a geometric texture on top of metal and studded furniture. [Insight by Meredith Francsis]

Trend Influencers: 

Philip Treacy – the G Hotel’s blue lounge is our inspiration for Dahlia West, classic with a sense of luminance, holding mystery.

Kimbow – fascinating look for a wearable emotion. It is a garment that has color changing technology based on movement.




STYLE: Romance

MOOD: Modern Farmhouse


A favorite combination fusing lavender, bridal blush, young mint green, garnet red accents, dark navy, deep forest greens and brown tones to create this pure palette.

Romance takes the lead with the traditional soft lines, environments of lush greens, gray undertones, and one-of-a-kind accessories – making the outdoor feel wedding a must for 2017!

The complimentary technical element for this design trend is, adding lavender uplighting accents and light green textured glass gobos. [Insight by Meredith Francsis]

Trend Influencers: 

Leo’s we love Leo’s in SF for the wallpaper that makes you feel like you’re stepping back in time to this midcentury paradise. 



STYLE: Modern

MOOD: Moonlight In A Greenhouse


Spicy mustard with rare cardinal yellow are standout colors against the combinations of vegetal greens, the deep night blues, and rich earth browns.

HOT HOUSE is a moody trend, but with accents of citron yellow-green, it becomes zesty in an unexpected way. A popular look that will come to life for social event design.

On the rise, look to explore Biophilia as a larger concept for 2016 – 2017.

The complimentary technical element for this design trend is, adding faceted inspired texture washes on foliage and furniture. [Insight by Meredith Francsis]

Trend Influencers: 

Edgar Berg – editorial article with an awe-inspiring greenhouse.

Brookhart Jonquil Fern Prism 2011 –  this idea of reflective prisms merging with green plants is so emerging. The photograph is permanently bonded to an acrylic sheet, an image embedded in a prism. 




STYLE: Modern

MOOD: Caramelized Autumn


Retro mod nod to the 70’s with bronze and copper metals taking center stage.

Studded geometric walls are so fresh and new for us this year as well as gray stone furniture and tattoo art side tables that are perfect for that corporate party.

What keeps the TERRAGROUND trend modern is, the sharp contrast combination of white with the light blue.

The complimentary technical element for this design trend is, adding deep red and steel blue floral texture washes covering the walkable spaces in a venue. [Insight by Meredith Francsis – Technical Producer, Kehoe Designs]

Trend Influencers: 

Inspiration comes from old school botanical illustrations to the majestic velvet blue fur of nature’s perfect animal the Wolf.

Home Touches – the idea of sunken lounges is not new for Kehoe Designs; however, we are so inspired by the concept of organic cave like structures in our décor.



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