Lolla Back Stage Pass

April 1, 2014 Joe Luft

Lolla Back Stage Pass

Lollapalooza Tent 1

With Lollapalooza’s 2014 line-up announced last week, it’s impossible not to get summertime fever! At Kehoe Designs, it’s even more exciting as we begin envisioning this year’s decor environments for the Platinum VIP tents. It’s in this spirit that we share a behind-the-scenes look at the luxe yet youthful looks of years past with the help of Lolla event producer, Lindsey Lider.

 English Manor meets Rock Glam

Our first design is the result of an incredible line-up of events. “Just seven days out from Lollapalooza’s 20th anniversary, Kehoe Designs receives a phone call from C3 Presents about a last minute pop up tent for a high level VIP client,” says Lindsey. An online giant, looking to impress business associates and headliners, his vision was clear, “I’d like to construct an environment that will blow away guests with a set of materials that would never be found in the backstage of a rock show. I’d love it to feel eccentric and really peculiar.” From there, Lindsey and the creative services team put their heads together and the “English Manor meets Rock Glam” decor concept was born. The entire 50’X30’ tent received rich hardwood mahogany flooring. The full lengths of the interior walls were constructed with panels of a sophisticated black and white toile fabric. Adding to the illusion of a more permanent structure, gorgeous Persian rugs, a wood bar with granite top, antique 18th century wood folding screens and animal skins graced the space. Floral components had a decidedly masculine edge with succulents, kale, and artichokes blended with exotic accents such as gorgeous pheasant plumes.






Last year, Lolla introduced Platinum VIP tents where top level ticket holders were offered a dreamlike escape from the heat and crowds. “Our goal was to create an ambiance for these VIP guests that was both fun and relaxing,” says Lindsey. One of the biggest challenges as the design & decor provider for this massive outdoor festival is the likelihood of  rain which also means mud. Therefore, Lindsey and Kehoe Designs artisans had to ensure these two unique tent environments had all the wow factor of inventive design while being durable enough to weather possibly inclement conditions.

 Tropical Utopia

In the north lawn Platinum VIP tent, a Tropical Utopia concept came to life with fresh fauna, natural fibers and jungle-inspired graphic art. “The idea was to create an experience only found on an exotic tropical island,” explains Lindsey. Stepping into the VIP lounge, guests were transported into a kaleidoscope of vibrant imagery with a lush jungle inspired feeling incorporating bamboo, rope elements, island inspired prints and hand dyed fabric.

Tropical Utopia -7140


Highend Summer

In the south lawn Platinum VIP tent, a Highend Summer concept captured the vibrance, youth and fun of the Lolla spirit! “The tent was designed to give the guests the feeling of stepping into a watercolor painting,” Lindsey tells us. Saturated color patterns, artists sketches and whimsical details were brought to life with watercolor graphic imagery. Peter Max style line drawings were paired with madras stripes for a bold summer experience.

Highend Summer-7115

BIO BITES: Lindsey Lider

Favorite childhood memory? My family was in the wine business and my Dad would bring us to work with him. He would always take us on these little adventures. I remember one time he made us walk what seemed like miles just to take a drink of water from an underground aquifer. We complained the whole way, but as I look back at that vivid memory, it has become one of my favorites. I can still hear him telling me how pure the water is because it comes from hundreds of feet underground.

Animal lover? Cat or dog person? Definitely a dog person. My husband and I have a very spoiled black lab! Horses were also a huge part of my life growing up. We had nine beautiful Arabian horses and riding remains a favorite pastime of mine. I hope to one day own horses again.

If you could only have one designer brand in your closet, who would it be and why? Anyone who knows me knows exactly how to answer this question: JCrew. I love their “Collection” line; dramatic shapes and mixing of textures and patterns with tailored classic cuts. I’m really not about clothes you buy because they’re on trend. I prefer pieces you buy because you want to wear them every day.

What corporate event trend are you most excited about? Patterns and color! The days of single color themes are gone! Not really — but it seems as though corporate clients are more open to bold color palettes, shapes and patterns this year. Painted surface and graphic treatments with fun patterns like the Rorschach Inkblot, houndstooth, large scale botanicals and agate will be layered with high-tech lighting, allowing us to create multifaceted events with great statement pieces. 


Lindsey Lider
Event Producer
Kehoe Designs