Newest Talents Exposed

June 9, 2016 Joe Luft

Newest Talents Exposed

Behind our culture as a company is our dedication to bringing together a vast creative team of talented professionals from all facets of the event design world, offering unique artistic perspectives and skill sets to match the needs and vision for every client we work with. We truly believe this to be the driving force behind our 20 years of success in the event design industry, and we are excited to welcome the newest talent of the Kehoe Designs family…

The Southern Charmer 

Collin Hardy Duwe – Event Producer
Style: Versatile, refined & residential


Photo & Decor by Kehoe Designs

Born and bred in the great state of Texas, Collin Duwe proudly hails from a long line of ranchers and professional rodeo riders and says he feels as comfortable in cowboy boots as he does in a tuxedo. We love Collin’s keen sense of attention to every design detail, but know our clients will also enjoy his warm, gentle Southern hospitality (and charm)!

“I’ve been influenced by an incredible variety of environments, regions, and styles that have taken me from event management within the theatrical world to working within the world of luxury floral and event design,” says Collin.

An avid reader and self-proclaimed “spin addict”, Collin says he’s enjoying his new home in Chicago and spends his free time scouring antique markets and estate sales for treasures to add to his “ever-evolving” apartment.

Follow Collin: collinduwe

The Unconventional Story Teller

Sophia Lin Kanno – Event Producer
Style: Modern meets classic glamour with an eclectic edge


Photo & Decor by Kehoe Designs

Sophia Lin Kanno’s designs focus on what she calls “full event experiential immersion,” by creating events that tell a story with purpose and feel as if they are an extension of a brand.

“It’s where everything meets- where touch, taste, smell, sounds and emotions create experiences,” says Sophia.

With a degree in Hospitality Management with a concentration in design from Cornell University, Sophia has forged a name for herself over the last 12 years in the industry by designing high profile events in NYC and Atlanta.

Sophia finds much of her inspiration from the fashion world, particularly from retail and visual merchandising window displays, and says each event she designs is powered by her ability to transform, particularly design elements that may not be seen as traditionally elegant on their own.

“I love the notion of the unexpected, upcycled and non-floral,” says Sophia. “I believe that beautiful messages and visions can be created with any materials.”

Sophia is excited about her newly adopted hometown of Chicago, and says, “I love learning about the new market trends and what Kehoe is pushing the envelope with.”

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The Industry Veteran

Cyndi Roppolo Rosenberg – New Business Development
Style: Honest, passionate & dedicated


Photo & Decor by Kehoe Designs

Cyndi Roppolo Rosenberg’s resume reads like a long love letter to the hospitality profession. Her warm and welcoming approach and gift for making everyone she meets feel like family seems natural and may just be part of her Italian DNA, but it’s her passion for the business of entertaining that’s made her success (and helped amass an impressive client list along the way).

Working her way up through the hospitality ranks in both Chicago and NYC, Cyndi credits most of her career success to Levy Restaurants where she opened and managed operations and events for many of its most premier off-premise venues and most recently served as Director of Sales for Spiaggia Restaurants and Private Dining.

“I learned at a very young age to work hard, be honest and always strive for nothing but the best,” says Cyndi. “Once you walk in someone’s shoes, you have a different appreciation for all that they do.”

Cyndi’s greatest joy comes from family, spending free time and traveling with her husband, Robin Rosenberg (Vice President Chef de Cuisine for Levy Restaurants), and lovingly dotes on her three nieces, two nephews and granddaughter. She says she’s excited about the next chapter of her career at Kehoe Designs.

“There is something about being here – their enthusiasm is contagious and to have the opportunity to represent the brand portfolio and all these talented people is such an honor,” says Cyndi.

Follow Cyndi: cyndi_roseberg

Whether cultivating new relationships, building bridges within the industry or providing our clients with gracious service, setting new design trends or creating and knock-your-socks-off event experiences, we know these three will set the bar that much higher for the rest of us. A warm welcome to Collin, Sophia, and Cyndi – we look forward to watching you blossom and grow at Kehoe!


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