‘Tis the Season… for Engagements!

December 3, 2013 Joe Luft

‘Tis the Season… for Engagements!

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Nothing is more exciting than that moment when your beloved pops the big question. Those of us in the wedding world know that the holidays tend to create quite the spike in proposals as families are already gathered to celebrate in these happy announcements. Therefore, we’ve recruited our wedding maven and Senior Event Producer, Renee Price to share with our soon-to-be engaged a few tips for designing their dream wedding!


Planner Perks 

“Hiring a planner used to be considered a luxury, but nowadays, it has become almost a necessity,” explains Renee. “While it may first appear like a way to cut back on spending, most couples have professional careers and little time to manage all the details of getting married, especially in a big city like Chicago.” From floor plans, scheduling multiple vendors, assessing power needs, to problem-solving all the last minute issues that inevitably arise, it is a stressful thing to take on with so many moving parts! What bride wants her phone blowing up on the big day with questions like “where is Auntie Carol’s corsage?!” Renee urges couples to take a step back and consider time saved as money saved, not to mention the peace of mind gained! “A planner has incredible insight from his/her role facilitating one dream wedding after another,” she continues to say, “which lends itself not only to helping a couple stay within budget but also to bringing personalized touches that make the day feel so incredibly special.”

To illustrate her point, a few examples of some of Renee’s favorite wedding planner details:

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Floral Facts

When brides-to-be come in to our studios, some will arrive ultra Pinterest-prepared with an exact floral scheme in mind while others won’t know a peony from a petunia. For both of these brides, Renee underlines the importance of communicating an overall style rather than a list of specific stems. As a designer, this allows her much more freedom in crafting gorgeous, ‘big impact’ floral that also stays sensitive to budget. “Is she more into a fluffy, loose design or a composed, stylized look? Does she like soft petals or is she drawn to interesting textures? My job is to listen, to pick-up on the descriptive words she uses, and then blow her away with blooms that perfectly represent her style.” Another reason not to get too specific is that floral, entirely dependent on mother nature’s unpredictable ways, gives no guarantees. “While you may have your heart set on coral ranunculus, better to be prepared for a spectrum of pinks or you’re liable to be disappointed.” She finishes by saying that often times, brides-to-be will have read in a magazine to ‘only use seasonal floral to help reduce costs,’ but in reality, it doesn’t always translate in to savings. While more peonies are available in May and June, they are still double the price of a rose. Bottom line, make sure you connect with your floral provider and then trust that they will give you the absolute best look for your personal style and price point.

From modern, quirky, traditional to whimsical, get inspired with photos exemplifying Renee’s talent at catering to a wide range of floral styles.

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Tablescape Trends

Table designs are ever evolving in the wedding world. What seems to be one of today’s hottest trends? “Sequin cloths!” exclaims Renee, “from large paillettes to tiny sequins, it is all over Pinterest.” A particularly coveted linen is BBJ’s new Cameo Tori, which comes in the perfect neutral tone of a glowy pink champagne to add depth and subtle glamour to the table. “We love the tailored look of these sequined fabrics both for weddings and social events.” Another ongoing trend is the use of custom tables in place of linen. From water tables, mirrored tops, graphic applications, custom cut patterns or rustic patinaed finishes, they create another layer to imbue a particular mood in a space. “While it can get costly to bring in all custom tables, there is also the option to reserve them for the focals in the room such as the place card table, head table or even the sweets table. It’s a great way to elevate the look with a signature feel,” explains Renee.

More inspiration with a sampling of sequined linens and an array of custom table styles:

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BIO BITES : Renee Price

If you could trade lives with another woman for the day, who would it be? Hands down, Ivanka Trump. I choose her because I am infinitely curious at how she strides through life…how she manages her time, how she manages people, how she operates as the VP and as a mom. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she is wrangling a new property in a room full of men. She exudes class and is one of the few well spoken women of our age.

What is your “go to” dish when entertaining? I would say my baked shrimp, feta, garlic and tomato dish which is served right from the oven along with a warm, crusty baguette from La Boulangerie! Another favorite is my Parmesan soup thanks to Mimi Thorisson of the gorgeous blog Manger. Also served with fresh baguette, mais bien sur! Both leave you looking like an effortless hostess. The best kind.

What is your motto? “Lookout for number one.” My Poppy used to tell my mom this and she instilled it in me. It means, look out for yourself first – as a mom, a girlfriend or wife, a friend, in the world. Only then can you be your best to others.

Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? I’m going to have to say Marilyn. I know Ms. Hepburn is classic and I love that too…but Marilyn had the curves. I’m all for women with curves.

Salty or sweet? SWEET!!!!! I just made a pumpkin, chocolate ganache and marshmallow meringue tart for Thanksgiving. That will do!

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Renee Price
Senior Event Producer
Kehoe Designs




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