Planning by Party People – Robin Shapiro & Susan Davidson, Venue Soldier Field, Photo & Decor by Kehoe Designs

Win or lose, there’s no denying Chicago is our kind of town when it comes to sports!

From Da’ Bears to the Blackhawks, Chicago is one of only four major US cities to house teams from all five major American professional sports, making “The Windy City” a sports mecca for locals and tourists alike. And with loyal, enthusiastic fans, star players and iconic sporting venues that attract thousands on any given game day, it’s no wonder that special events designed with sports in mind are all the rage!

2016 could indeed prove to be an epic year for sports in Chicago. As momentum builds on the north and south side with the Cubs and White Sox both dominating the field in their leagues this season, dare we ask – could this just be the year these two teams face off in the ultimate cross-town classic, the World Series?

One can surely dream, and the possibilities are endless – which is why sports themed events inspire and ignite a passion for play are now finding their way into many fields of both corporate and social event design!

So What’s New In The Wide World Of Sports Events?

  1. Sports and Branding


Presented by C3, Venue Grant Park, Photo & Decor by Kehoe Designs

The power of branding cannot be oversold, and using team logos and colors makes a whole lot of dollars and sense with millions in revenue generated each year by teams, corporations and even the players themselves.  Take the case of recent NFL No. 4 Draft pick, Ezekiel Elliott, who is already scoring big with Dallas Cowboy fans. Sales for the rookie running back’s brand new jersey have sold more than any other NFL rookie so far this year!  Corporate logos and slogans are used on everything these days, and with events, it’s no different. Not only does it drive the theme home with guests, but it also builds a natural buzz around the event that only brand recognition can create.


Presented by C3, Venue Grant Park, Photo & Decor by Kehoe Designs

  1. Technology

Whether real or virtual, through the use of technology, designers can create more than events – we design unique sports experiences by using powerful 3-D mapping and light projections, art, graphics and sound effects incorporating VR-based interactive or digital games that will captivate guests and take them right to where the action is.

Custom hashtags are still trending, but how about a custom emoji created just for your event? Social media lounges or zones at events are also in, giving guests a unique way to chill out, take selfies or interact on social media in a fun, relaxed atmosphere that is styled to fit the theme.

  1. Sports-Inspired Decor

For Mitzvahs, Sports themes have always been popular with boys, but we all know girls got game, too! Kehoe Designs Vice President of Sales, Vince Hart, says no matter the sport, themes are a must, and designers can no longer stop at the table centerpieces. Thinking big picture is a must to transform an event space, and that means immersing guests in an all-star five sensory experience by recreating the sights, sounds and even aromas of reflecting a real ballpark, stadium field, ice rink or any sports environment.


Top and Bottom Image: Planning by Party People – Robin Shapiro & Susan Davidson, Venue Soldier Field, Photos & Decor by Kehoe Designs


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Contributed by: Lisa Zimbler 


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